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10-28 Katie SustainUS Conference Call

Hi fellow delegates,I listened in on a conference call last Wednesday held by SustainUS, that was open to all U.S. delegates attending the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December, and it was interesting, that's for sure. Imagine having 10-15 people on the phone at the same time, and at some moments everyone tries to speak at once, while at other times, the line was completely silent-- kind of awkward! Nonetheless, I thought you might be interested in what I got from it:
The purpose of SustainUS’s outreach campaign (e.g. conference calls) to the U.S. delegates is to form a coordinated, stronger, and more united youth constituency. On the conference call, there were about ten delegates from all over the U.S., and we talked about the three sessions that will be held at the youth meeting prior to the actual U.N. Conference:
  1. Introduction—describing UNFCCC, formal constituency, youth’s role, day-in-the-life
  2. Development of skills and tools—working with media, engaging with other youth, applying for funds, how to be an effective youth member
  3. Long-term—planning for youth climate movement beyond Copenhagen
  4. Other knowledge—experts speaking (e.g. climate scientists, politicians) about science, political development in other countries, role of intergenerational equity, etc.
    1. SES could help facilitate session and present as panel on certain issue(s)
I also asked, what exactly is the youth constituency’s role in the negotiations? To what extent will we be able to participate and engage in dialogue? The youth constituency will have:
  • Four opportunities to speak on the floor (of the Conference!)
  • Booked meeting space and office for all youth to coordinate youth
  • U.N. Secretariat’s ear and contact with liaisons to Secretary
  • Opportunity to host exhibits and side events

I would definitely recommend listening in on the next one. There is a Google group (link) that you can subscribe to for updates.

11-5 Will Steger Foundation (Abby Fenton)