Conference of the Parties

· Stands for Conference of the Parties
· Highest decision-making authority of the Convention
· An association of all the countries that are Parties to the Convention
· Meets once a year to review the Convention's progress
· Countries that are part of COP (193)
· Each country has its own characteristics, interests and positions, especially ecological, political, and economic, which are also the key issues COP deals with when making decisions. Low-lying countries, for instance, take the position of combating sea-level rise because this would affect them most greatly and negatively. Another example is countries with large oil reserves, who take positions against renewable energies because their economy relies on the export of oil.
Key Issues
· Being the supreme body of the Convention, COP deals with all issues relating to climate change, especially including the following:
o Economic (cost of switching to renewable energy, cost of reliance on foreign oil, efficiency savings, etc.)
o Ecological (loss of biodiversity, temperature rise, sea level rise, etc.)
o Political (campaign funding by oil companies, disagreement over minor details, global vs. regional agreements, etc.)